Anxious and uncomfortable all the time ugh

Why does my job have to create such a love/hate relationship can’t all the dogs just be assholes on the days I intend to quit

I just want to live alone with a dog in Wycote or central PA or Papua New Guinea and not have a phone or Internet and paint dumb things and have a job to fill some spare time that would be a nice next 7 years I just want to press ⏩¼ on life and let things be simple and easy I’m so over so many things I can’t tell if this is a mood I’m in or not whatever people keep themselves too busy with such nonsense are any of you even happy if you remove all the dumb filler from your lives are you proud of the person you are at all am I annoying you yet why am I posting this I’m just tired life has been stress city lately bye

Salvador Dalí, The Corrupt, Inferno from The Divine Comedy, 1959-63.

Salvador Dalí, The Corrupt, Inferno from The Divine Comedy, 1959-63.

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I enjoy waking up at 4 in the morning and not being able to fall back asleep


Ugh I’ve been sick for like a week and it’s so annoying on top of my allergies my head feels like a pressurized tank

Hey does anyone still use this dumb website I’m sick but otherwise life is cOoL I commute to my dumb job on long island from my dumb apartment in philadelphia where we just got a dumb cat (just kidding she’s awesome and her name is Dave!!!!!!) idk life’s cool and stuff (peace emoji) deuces y’all

I like when I can bear through a couple pages here and alley has posted hi alley

USA: thumbs down

Never have I ever lost so much respect (that I didn’t even know was there to lose) for someone with no relation to me